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The Farm

The Cozumel Pearl Farm is a family owned research project that began operations in 2001, located on the North Side of Cozumel Island in Quintana Roo, Mexico and is considered the only pearl farm in the Caribbean. Don Francisco, the founder of the project, had the dream to retire in a Pearl Farm and his goal was to provide his family with a better future and quality of life.

At the farm we work with the oyster Pinctada radiata also known as the Atlantic Pearl Oyster. This oyster was considered almost extinct in the Caribbean so we are helping with the preservation of this oyster species in the region.

Our family owns and operates the farm which is still in a research stage. 

The process to cultivate pearls takes many years and because our oyster species is very small, we are still perfecting the techniques to manipulate them and increase our pearl production.  

 We work very hard to harvest pearls each year and for now you can only purchase our pearl jewelry in the tour.

Due to our location and geography our pearl farm encounters obstacles and limitations that make our work even harder, for that  we had to develop different anchoring systems at sea to be able to withstand the harsh climate conditions for our oysters´ collectors and towers, making our operations unique in the pearl industry.

We open the tour to the public in 2012 to help us continue with the research and operation of the farm.

It has been very challenging but we will keep going, as Kokichi Mikimoto founder of the famous Akoya Pearls always use to say: "Never give up and always keep working, and some day you will have results".

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