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Pearls of the Caribbean 

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Our Pearls

We are the only pearl farm in the world cultivating pearls with our species of oyster, so only for that reason our pearls are unique.  

Find out how much work it takes to wear one single pearl around your neck.



Cozumel Pearl Farm is located on Cozumel island in the Caribbean Sea in México. 

Surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters and a lagoon in the back  makes it the perfect secluded place for our research.

Cozumel is famous  for its magnificient coral reefs. This makes way for the most amazing snorkel and diving experiences available in the entire Caribbean. Cozumel is full of history and culture and the things you can learn here will truly amaze you.


The Cozumel Pearl Farm Project aims to be at the forefront of the sustainability movement, endeavouring to adhere to the highest possible standards of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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