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Spotted Eagle Ray 

Specialty Course 



We have teamed up with our friends of Cozumel Ocean Research to support the efforts to study the behavior, and population of the beautiful Spotted Eagle Ray (Aetobatus narinari ) that year after year visit our island.  The global population of spotted eagle rays is listed as "near threatened" by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). 

Our farm has a strategic location that allows the monitoring of habitat areas and their use with regards of breeding, hunting and more.


The course

The goal of this course is for all passionate certified scuba divers to learn to collaborate in the monitoring of this magnificent species to obtain data that will help its conservation. 

Specific objectives:

- Learn about the biology of the species and its ecology

- Procedures for Data Collection 

-Identify the feeding, transit, and resting areas used by the  species

- Approaching techniques to capture images of individuals for COR photo identification catalog.


Training Fee

Training Fee: $185 USD


- Instruction

-2 monitoring dives (tanks, weights, drinking water, snacks) 

-Collection data materials 

-Spotted Eagle Ray, Project aware certification 

-COR recognition diploma

-COR Tshirt

Specialty Course Fee + Overnight Experience

$400 USD

Only for those who are looking for great learning and fun opportunities combining 2 full days of activities and adventures that achieve a unique experience in one of the best places to live it. 


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